Social Listening… Listen Up

Social listening can provide your company with major insights into what your audience wants from you on your social media sites. With the right tools and knowledge, you’ll be able to perfectly edit what it is you’re posting to have the biggest impacts.

Great ways to socially listen include listening to what it is that your competitors are, or are not, posting. If your competitors are doing a poor job with responding to customers on social media, this creates a great opportunity for you to swoop in and create better relations with the customers in your field. Another very important part of social listening is to assess how the things that you post resonate with your audience. If a post does very well with engagements amongst your followers, you can then model other postings after it. If a posting does poorly, you can then learn from that and edit your following postings. Continue reading “Social Listening… Listen Up”

Background Basics

Instagram is a world full of discovery, learning, and experimentation. Users try and try again with different approaches to their postings to see which types of posts will receive the most likes or engagement. Did you know that something as simple as the background in your photos could be impacting how many likes that your posts are receiving?

It’s time to go back to the basics of the art of backgrounds. Instagram users from social accounts to business accounts can all use these tips to boost their page’s popularity. We’ll start with something simple, color. Statistics show that photos with a lighter background receive 24% more likes than those postings with darker backgrounds. One recommendation to achieve this look is foam boards, these can be purchased for cheap at your local Michaels, and placed behind the item you’re photographing to create a simple, clean, background.

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Video Content for Social Media Marketing

So, you’ve gotten the photos, tweets, and Facebook posts down, but what’s your next move for social media marketing? We suggest you dive on into the world of video. Videos shared on social media platforms have a tendency to increase your credibility and create an appreciation for the time and effort you put into creating these custom videos. Statistics show that 61% of customers are rely more on companies with custom content, such as videos. Continue reading “Video Content for Social Media Marketing”

Hashtags, Cracking the Code

Hashtags are a huge part of social media marketing, especially now that Instagram has offered users the option to follow hashtags in addition to following other users. With this new feature, the potential that hashtags have has grown even bigger.

The goal for your company should be to utilize hashtags to the fullest, this means finding the hashtags that your targeted audience is most likely to follow, use, or search. When your posts are attached to these hashtags, you boost your chances of reaching potential followers, which will then become potential customers! Continue reading “Hashtags, Cracking the Code”

The Recipe for Successful Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, if you haven’t started, now is the time! Brands in all types of markets are creating a Social Media following that is helping to brand their companies, create a royal following, and sell products. So, where do you start?

An important step to beginning your online presence is to have a plan, and by have a plan, I don’t mean: “I want to increase sales.” I mean, sit down and write down the goals you have and the means that you think will best help you get there. A few important questions to ask yourself include: Continue reading “The Recipe for Successful Social Media Marketing”

New Algorithm; New Approach to Online Marketing

Times are changing, and with it the way we should be marketing on social media websites are also changing. With this new algorithm, less is more. Less in the sense of post quantity, but definitely not less quality. The new algorithm that Facebook is adopting is aimed at making a better experience for the common Facebook user.

Users want to feel like they’re getting something out of your postings, and not just the update on your newest product or big sale. These are still great endeavors for social media marketing, but as marketers we need to begin to put quality above quantity. Your goal should be to leave your target audience feeling something about your postings, make them memorable, different, not just another advertisement that Facebook users will scroll past without thinking. Continue reading “New Algorithm; New Approach to Online Marketing”

Native Ads, We See You

Native ads, a type of advertisement that has become increasingly popular with companies are becoming more apparent to page visitors. Native ads are known to be more “hidden” within a page, to stand out less than traditional advertisements, these ads are typically still labeled as such, but in discrete ways. Native Advertisements are ideal for mobile browsing because of the difficulty that comes with integrating banner ads with mobile sites.

Native advertisements are a relatively new form of advertising, but despite their discrete appearance, they are still very identifiable as advertisements. However, this does not mean that this type of advertisement is ineffective. An initial thought with native advertisements was that it may confuse page visitors into clicking on the ad more than a clearly marked advertisement. The success of an advertisement can’t be solely based on how many clicks it receives, because advertisements often have a lasting effect on potential consumers. Simply because a page visitor doesn’t click on the ad, doesn’t mean that they won’t go back and search the product later. The influence that advertisements have on us as consumers does not have to lead to immediate action.  Continue reading “Native Ads, We See You”

Instagram Stories: It’s Time to Start Sharing

Instagram has created a feature much like the stories that we view on Snapchat, Instagram stories. The “story” feature on Instagram has been around for a little over a year now, but many users have yet to try it out. Instagram stories creates a new opportunity for businesses to share things about what they do and how they do it. These stories can be used in several different ways to bring new life to your Instagram account.

Instagram stories provide your followers with another way to engage with your account. Stories expire, unlike the normal postings you’re used to making on the app, so there’s no risk of “over-sharing”. With these stories companies can provide their followers with little tid-bits of information about what they’re doing, keeping their followers engaged and interested.

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Snapchat: Beyond the App

With the new year comes new features for many applications. One of our beloved forms of social media, Snapchat, is making a big step with the new year by bringing Snap stories out of the app. Snapchat is currently only accessible through the application, but with this new project in the works called “Stories Everywhere” stories will be able to be viewed outside of the app.

This feature will allow for stories to be embedded into websites by third party publishers. The hope of this feature is to bring more users to the app, because Snapchat has recently seen a plateau in growth. The ability to embed stories into websites will be great for companies to help get their postings out there to their audience who may not follow their Snapchat accounts. Continue reading “Snapchat: Beyond the App”

Instagram to Add “Recommended Posts” to Your Feed

Instagram is changing the way you’ll scroll, by adding recommended posts to your normal feed. As Instagram works now, users must navigate to the “Explore” page to view posts that the app thinks their users may enjoy. With this change, the photos will be available to users without any additional navigation in the app. These posts will be labeled as “recommended” and will give users the option to hide these suggestions.

Instagram will recommend posts that are liked by accounts that a user follows, so the bigger your following on Instagram, the larger the chance is that your post becomes recommended. Despite the option to hide these posts, Instagram will continue placing recommended posts on a user’s feed, only hiding the specific post a user requests to be hidden. Continue reading “Instagram to Add “Recommended Posts” to Your Feed”