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Social Media Marketing Agency plus one

Post With A Purpose


Constantly evolving with  future trends, and algorithms, pivoting to continue your social media presence.

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Post With A Purpose


Constantly evolving with  future trends, and algorithms, pivoting to continue your social media presence.

Social Media Marketing Agency plus one


We manage the social media marketing campaigns of your B2B brand - evaluating the metrics at each stage from ideation to analytics, adjusting the approach as needed. Our team will refine as necessary to keep your message strong and effective across different platforms producing results, helping you scale your business faster.

Social Media Services


We believe in visual storytelling so we take what we learn from you and create the ideal mix of channels on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others to direct, intensify and explode your reach. Connecting with your audience on a more personal level. With a strategy in place, we come in and knock those creative assets out of the park as we piece together your story for social.


Every social media platform speaks a different language along with your brand's voice and requires unique features. We know what works, and we’re fluent in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. We do the heavy lifting here that generate likes and replies on all social channels to make sure your brand voice is heard around the world.


We continuously monitor and control the narrative about your brand on social media ensuring that it reinforces your message. Keeping track of what your audience is saying and improving the overall sentiment, keeping it fluid and relevant.


We have the technology and know-how to build relationships with your target audience in real-time online. From product demonstrations to live testimonials, we can launch coordinated campaigns to drive more social media users to your live event and connect with them more effectively increasing the buzz around your product or service.


We create and leverage visual content in the form of Photography, Video Production, 2D and 3D graphic animation specific to what resonates on a particular social media channel for your target audience to engage and entertain.


We strategically determine which social media channels most of your prospects and customers are already visiting. We then launch various campaigns, creating, testing, and refining your advertising keeping it fresh and relevant to target and retarget them with the right message.


After launching your social media campaigns we look at the data to gauge how your social outreach is performing. Are there any trends? What’s working and what’s not? How can we improve performance? What have we learned? We then tweak them accordingly based on the gathered data to maximize results and conversions.


We broaden the scope of your customer service. According to J.D. Power, 67% of consumers have used a company’s social media channel for customer care. When they do, they expect a fast response. By adding social media to the mix we can improve customer satisfaction. We’re on it.

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We Are Not Just Local
Our Social Media Strategies Have Global Reach

Great ideas often can’t be contained to one area. We’ve worked with Global Brands, knowing native language communication and local social media platform popularity is key (XING, Weibo, WeChat). How do we cover so much ground? The Social Motto team spans worldwide and we work with clients to build and lead Company social media ambassador programs. Together we create deeper connection to audiences.

We work together with start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, brands, non-profits and large corporate organizations for their social media needs.

Social Motto Detroit B2B Social Media Marketing Agency​

Telling the story. Solving the problems.

Is your social media content posted with purpose? Meaning, is there a definite reason why your specific social media content is going out to your followers? Not sure? You’re not alone. Many Marketing and Communication Managers wonder the same thing, and often question the value of social media because of it.

Social Motto is unlike any of the social media marketing companies you know or have worked with. I get it…. More than likely you have a person or perhaps a small team that manages the company’s social media marketing strategy. You feel like momentum has stalled and you’re at a point where the team is posting 2-3 times a day about random happenings within the Company. And measurement? Sure, you get monthly analytics reports – but what do they mean? Does it tell a story? How are you explaining the ROI to the Executive Teams? Do they see the value?

I’m a marketer through and through. With 20 years of marketing experience and as the founder of Social Motto, I can tell you, Social Media is more than just posting to a channel. There’s purpose behind every single post. Whether it’s meant to entertain and get a larger organic audience to comment below or perhaps it’s part of a paid social initiative to drive traffic back to the website or share like minded articles from potential influencers or media sources to gain visibility. Everything has a purpose.

I believe in employing your social media accounts as characters in a narrative, helping set up the plot to extend your brands visibility and generating more revenue. By using your characters correctly we can build those stories to create conversions from your audience.

Together, let’s elevate ideas from big… to great! So I ask, what are your company’s challenges? Where do you need to grow? And lastly, how can we tap into social media to get you there?

Kim Stricker Founder / Social Media Strategy

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us...

"If you're looking for the best strategic, responsive, and experienced social media marketing company to partner with look no further. The measurable outcomes they have produced for us have blown our minds and have inspired us to think even bigger. We would not have the social impact we're seeing if not for Social Motto. If you could gather everyone in a room who are the perfect audience for your message and talk with them intimately; you'll get precisely that effect with them."
Bill Sullivan
"We greatly appreciate everything that Social Motto has done for Eastern Market – Kim and her team really helped bring us into the social media spotlight and helped us grow at a time when we were taking baby steps into the world of marketing. They provided us an excellent foundation upon which to build out our ongoing needs for social media and guided us through some interesting times as our district undergoes changes and challenges. Thank you to everyone at Social Motto!"
Emma Velasco
Chief Operating Officer; Eastern Market Partnership
"I have worked with the Social Motto team across multiple companies in the past few years and have nothing but great things to say about them. They are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and the people they work with."
Sam Morykwas

Social Media Strategies & B2B Social Media Marketing—It's All We Do

You may be aware of a social media agency who have a social media manager or a “social media guy.” At Social Motto, we eat, sleep, and breathe B2B and B2C social media marketing. For us social media marketing is not a part-time thing. It’s all we do. And we’re are on a mission for our clients.

We know through expertise and experience how to create a social media campaign to leverage a target audience through social media for both B2C and B2B (there’s a big difference, by the way), and our social media marketing services go beyond the standard content creation and campaign management into reputation management, engagement, and outreach, live event coverage, and social media advertising.

Social Media Marketing—Our Secret Sauce

We look at social media campaigns and digital marketing strategies are part of your company’s overarching brand mix and in many times, a backbone to a big idea! and most importantly business goals that lead to revenue.

Our experts develop B2C and B2B marketing strategies to help your brand achieve its social media marketing goals. This is done by launching targeted campaigns across your social media profiles for example, live event coverage for viewers at home, social media sentiment analysis, executive LinkedIn training for prospecting, micro-influencer marketing, visual content creation…we can go on and on!

Why Collaborate With Us?
We Create Brand Stories

We at Social Motto are not a jack-of-all-trades. We are a master at telling stories on social media and strategizing with other digital marketing specialists—often, working alongside traditional Ad agencies, public Relations, and internal marketing and communications teams. Our approach as a social media management agency is to serve as your digital marketing partner that will help bring your brand’s tale to life. By properly communicating your message on different social media networks such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, we can help turn your target customers into brand ambassadors.

Meet The Social Motto Team

Kim Social Motto

Kim Stricker

Founder / Social Media Strategy
Jenna Social Motto


Project Manager
Jake Social Motto


Social Media Project Manager / Creative
Alberto Social Motto


Graphic Artist
Social Motto Kelly


Social Media Community Manager / Social Advertising
Jeff Social Motto


Social Media Community Manager
Denise social Motto


Social Media Community Manager
Rodrigo Social Motto Social Creative Director


Social Creative Director
Mike Social Motto


Social Media Photographer & Videographer


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