Who Are We?

Social Motto Social Media Marketing is a Detroit “Motor City” team of social media masters who create online marketing strategies for companies, brands and businesses by finding, engaging and converting prospects into customers.

You may be aware of agencies who have a “social media guy.” At Social Motto, social media marketing is not a part-time thing. It’s all we do. And we’re really good at it.

So, where do you fit in?

We know how to leverage Social Media for both B2C and B2B (there’s a big difference, by the way), and our services go beyond the standard content creation and campaign management into reputation management, engagement and outreach, live event coverage, and social media advertising.

What makes you different?

Your brand was born to shine, so how do we make it stand out?

It starts with deep marketing strategy…

We come to the table with an experienced and extensive marketing core, allowing us to develop an actionable marketing plan customized for your business.

With your blueprint for success in place, we’ll take over campaign management to execute on the ideas we’ve developed, while ensuring you can put your time, energy, and effort elsewhere.

With Social Motto at the helm, you can count on fans, engagement, traffic, and conversions. Better yet, we’ll be building relationships along the way. We engage with the community in a way that cultivates conversations and forms bonds that will convert. Oh, and we’ll be the ones creating the content that will tell your unique story, capturing the eyes, ears, and hearts of your target audience.

Social Motto Media Marketing and Digital Marketing Services Detroit Michigan


What Do We Do?

Social mottos are expressed from long traditions of social foundations. Your motto encapsulates your beliefs and ideals…. Your intentions.

You have your motto, a story you want to tell.

We help you create that story in a compelling way and deliver it to the right people who are most likely to want your service or product through our audience targeted digital marketing services.

We use our expertise in social media strategies and techniques to expand the reach of your story and tap into a whole new vein of customers, increasing leads, awareness, and sales.

From Social Media content strategy and content creation to social media advertising and campaign management, we have the expertise for all your digital marketing and social media market needs.

Our specialty includes non-profits, franchise businesses, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing businesses, and healthcare corporations. As you can see, it’s an eclectic group.

Brands We've Built Through Social Media Marketing