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8 reasons why brands should be using Facebook Live

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In early 2016 Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the live-streaming option called Facebook Live to his popular social media platform. This tool gives brands the ability to show their audience a ‘behind the scenes’ point of view of the company, which cannot be easily shown through advertisements. This easy-to-use feature gives companies the ability to humanize their brand, helping to build a connection with their audience. Facebook Live also allows users to connect with various devices and cameras, guaranteeing high quality video. There are a variety of aspects that Facebook Live has to offer which many users may not be aware of:

1.) Simulcast – This feature allows you to stream to more than one Facebook page at a time. This is beneficial for business chains, and can help to increase reach and exposure.

2.) Facebook Live is well developed – Although many platforms are introducing live video options, Facebook is by far the most developed. With options such as the built in notification system, users will be notified when a page they like goes “live”. You are also given the capability to promote a live video in advance, allowing users to set a reminder, which is great for any premeditated events or celebrations.

3.) Live lives on – Facebook Live gives users the option to save the video to your camera roll afterward, which is perfect for repurposing content. Once the live broadcast is over, the video turns into a standard video appearing on your page, allowing users to still watch if they weren’t able to tune in live.

4.) Native analytics – Facebook offers an advanced and user friendly analytics dashboard. This tool gives brands useful insights which can help to determine what may or may not be working during any live stream.

5.) The four hour time limit – Facebook’s live-streaming service is set up for longer videos, unlike other social media platforms. Four hours is the time limit Facebook allows for a live-stream video, which lets you cover a vast amount of footage instead of trying to squeeze everything in.

To discover more features Facebook Live has to offer, click here.

Kimberly Stricker

Founder / Social Media Storyteller
Kim Stricker is a social media strategist, manager and founder of Social Motto social media marketing agency in Detroit Michigan. Kim’s consults with brands and companies on how to use the digital space and Social Media tools in growing brands. She’s managed campaigns for Nonprofits, Fortune 500 Companies and small businesses in how to effectively incorporate social media into an overall marketing mix, and excel in the medium by giving their brands a strong voice in the community. Kim offers strategic marketing insights that focus on brand building and communicate visions, products, and services through innovative social marketing campaigns. By becoming a brand advocate and expert, Kim can develop and optimize content for social media outreach including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, etc. In addition, she always maintains an awareness of new social media marketing techniques in the marketplace, as well as looking for opportunities to innovate in new territories.
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