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8 Social Media Marketing Tools For Business Success

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Every day social media marketers are faced with a never-ending list of responsibilities.

Did you schedule every post for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram? Did you respond to all 56 comments on Facebook? Did you respond to 15 Instagram direct messages? Did you make sure your brand and it’s various products were not mentioned negatively on Twitter? Did you reach out to micro-influencers about posting a review of our newest product? Did you boost that last Facebook post for $50? Whew – and that’s not even half of it.

It can certainly be a challenge to stay on top of everything, but luckily for us, there are countless social media tools and programs that can help you succeed, streamline the process and save time.

The following are some of our favorite tools for scheduling, content discovery, analytics, brand listening, reputation management, and content creation.

These Social Media Marketing Tools Will Make Your Job Easier

Every business should be utilizing Canva – not just social media marketers! This easy-to-use online program allows you to create graphics without hiring a professional designer. Infographics, holiday celebration graphics, Instagram Stories, testimonial cards, logo design…you name it, they have templates for it. 

The ready-made templates allow you to drag and drop elements to customize any graphic for any business – even ones that include precise graphs (amazing for end-of-the-month analytics reports).  The graphic design program even allows you to share projects with colleagues (great for creating a template that many people need to access and update frequently) and organize graphics according to client name. No more endless searching in your photo files!

Pricing: Starts at $9.95/month.

Via Zapier

It’s no secret that original videos are absolutely necessary for a strong social media presence. However, it may be a secret for most just how easy programs like Animoto can make producing them. From testimonials to product features, Animoto is an incredible resource for marketing videos. The lowest pricing plan comes with thousands of stock video and photos already loaded in your library, and also comes with countless templates ready to go. Simply drag and drop your creative content, add in text, a logo, and music…and you’re ready to accept the Oscar.

Pricing: Starting at $8/month.

Via Animoto

Social media listening should be an absolutely vital part of your daily tasks, but it can become daunting to search for various keywords across every platform…especially if you manage accounts for more than one business. 

Mention allows you to input specific keywords that you would like to receive an automatic alert for when used. That’s right, you don’t even have to remember to check in on social listening, Mention does it for you! From there, you can instantly share it across social media. No need to leave the program to find the post on Facebook, they have it waiting for you. 

Pricing: Starting at $25/month.

Via Mention


Instagram marketers, meet your best friend. MagicSocial frees up your schedule by automating interactions to organically increase your list of followers. After providing it with vital information about your targeted audience it hits the ground running to primarily use hashtags to engage with users that want what you have to offer. No, it’s not buying followers, and you don’t receive spam or fake followers. It’s a fantastic way to make sure your carefully curated content is viewed by as many eyes as possible. 

Pricing: Starting at $15/week.

We know we shouldn’t play favorites, yet here we are. If you’re looking for a social media program that does it all, Sprout Social is the one you should invest it. Scheduling, approvals, analytics reports, listening tools, in-app engagement response, AND content discovery – it truly does it all. It does it well, too. The interface is seamless, allowing for a fast work-flow. The analytics reports are also so polished that you can simply download them and send them off for colleagues, clients and more to review without editing. 

Pricing: Starting at $99/month.

Via Sprout Social

If you work with influencers, Scrunch will save you an incredible amount of time by locating your ideal Instagram profiles to work with. After logging in, you can select the type of influencer you’re looking for (fashion, beauty, animals, travel, fitness, food, business, etc) and then filter by a number of followers, price per post, average engagement, location and more! Clicking on a selected profile will give you a view of their bio and a direct link to their Instagram page. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Pricing: Free!

Do your posts require multiple eyes to check over it before publishing? GainApp will simplify the process. This scheduler allows you to send posts to selected individuals for approval via email – without requiring them to log into anything. They simply either hit approve or request a revision, and you’ll be notified with their decision. You can also tag people in conversations when working through a specific revision – alerting them of why you used a certain image or phrase. 

Pricing: Starting at $20/month. 

Via GainApp

Never miss another unofficial holiday or popular event again with Forekast! Simply click and discover every event and holiday happening around the world. It’s the perfect solution to discovering upcoming events and themes that are relevant to your brand – generating countless content ideas. That’s right, no need to log in! Additionally, take it one step further and provide your email to receive a weekly forecast. 

Pricing: Free!

Via Forekast

The best part of this list? We could have gone on for hours! There truly are countless options for programs for you to choose from, and we encourage you to try out as many as you can to see which suits your business’ needs best. Most offer a free trial that allows you to give it a go before committing to payment. What social media program is your favorite to use? 

Kimberly Stricker

Kim Stricker, the founder and lead social media strategist at Social Motto, possesses over two decades of specialized experience in B2B social media marketing. Her expertise lies in harnessing the power of social media platforms to drive business-to-business engagement and growth. Kim’s strategic approach blends innovative social media tactics with in-depth knowledge of B2B marketing dynamics, making her an adept at crafting impactful digital campaigns and social media storytelling that effectively connect businesses with their professional target audiences.
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