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The Top 5 Benefits of Advertising Through Social Media 

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When your business is small, and growth is invaluable, making the right marketing decisions can make or break you. There are so many benefits in social media advertising so where can you put your focus and why? As a small business or start up company, you need to get the most out of your marketing budget and return on ad spent is what every business wants. Social media marketing allows you to create ads that target your key demographic with engaging content that will help you make the greatest impact for your dollar. Below, you’ll find five reasons you should be advertising through social media.

What Are Some Of The Benefits of Advertising Through Social Media?

Your Audience is on Social Media

To say that everyone has a social media account is an overstatement, but it’s not a huge one. In fact, Facebook now has almost two and a half billion users. Instagram has about one billion active users, and YouTube brings in almost two billion active users every month. As a business owner, you can’t ignore numbers like these. Social media platforms are bursting at the seams with potential clients, and it would be a huge mistake to avoid these lucrative revenues. Especially when you consider that, of those billions of users, most check their social media accounts daily. If you want to draw attention to your brand and the products/services you provide, social media marketing is a must.

Your Competition is on Social Media

You can almost guarantee that your competition is on social media. Brands and companies, large and small, across the globe have started advertising on social media through ads, stories, content, and influencers. Their products or services are being discovered by new users daily, and you’ll fall behind quickly if you don’t take advantage of the marketing opportunities social media presents.

Social Media Makes Marketing More Personal

In the age of technology, people stay connected with their friends and family on social media. Gone are the days when the internet was a distant and impersonal concept. Technology has made it possible for people to share their thoughts, feelings, and personal moments with those they love, and sometimes strangers, across social media platforms. Because people are so accustomed to connecting through social media, brands and companies have started a new marketing trend.

They’re not so much pushing their products or business as they are making a connection and evoking emotion. When you create an ad for social media, you have a better chance of success if that ad is personal in some way. People crave connection, and they want to genuinely know the companies they support and buy from. The best way to achieve that type of connection with your audience is through social media platforms, where they offer the opportunity to create stories and encourage images and interaction.

Social Media Creates Recognition

While your company is trying to grow and get recognized, social media can make a huge difference. Take Instagram marketing, for example. Say someone sees one of your Instagram ads on their feed. They like the image, but they don’t recognize your company’s page or name. They click on your page and are instantly shown multiple images that represent who you are and what you’re about. They can watch your stories and read your captions to learn more about you.

Now, even though the person didn’t know anything about you moments before, they feel like they do now. It creates an instant connection and helps build a bond. Another way it promotes instant connection and recognition is by allowing you to use Instagram influencers. By finding a person many of your target audience follows, and then providing them with your product in exchange for pictures, you guarantee that your brand and product gets seen by someone your audience looks up to or admires. Even though your audience has never heard of you before, since they feel a connection to your influencer, a connection is formed between the two of you. 

Social Media Drives Traffic to Your Site

If your ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website, spending time and money on social media platforms (instead of focusing solely on your site) might seem like a waste of time. It’s certainly not, and it will actually increase the amount of traffic you see on your site. Heres how to boost retrun on ad spent.

Because people make connections with brands and companies on Instagram and Facebook, they’re more likely to follow an ad link back to your website. Increased traffic means increased potential revenue and loyal customers. 

Social media marketing is crucial for success in this age of technology. Your customers are there, your competition is there, and you can create bonds and trust faster on social media platforms than you can through other marketing avenues. If you’re not already taking advantage of social  media marketing, you should start right away. 

Kimberly Stricker

Founder / Social Media Storyteller
Kim Stricker, the founder of Social Motto, is a passionate social media storyteller and strategist with over 20 years of marketing experience and a proven track record of helping B2B businesses grow their brands and connect with target audiences through social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and blogs. Kim holds a BS in Business and Marketing from Siena Heights University and a Certificate in Radio & TV Broadcasting from Specs@LTU. As a seasoned social media strategist and marketer, she has launched successful campaigns for nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses that capture each brand’s essence and drive results. Always at the forefront of the latest social media marketing techniques, Kim is dedicated to innovating and exploring new opportunities in the industry.
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