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Tiktok micro influencers vs celebrity Influencers

Tiktok Micro-Influencers vs. Celebrity Influencers: which is better for your next campaign?

Micro-influencers with the right marketing strategy on TikTok can take your brand from background noise to front-page news with the help of a good strategy. But what many marketers forget is that before the fun can begin, you have to make sure you select just the right influencer.
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Your Guide to Leverage TikTok For Social Media Marketing

Top TikTok Strategy Guide For Social Media Marketing

TikTok the lip syncing mobile app is disrupting social media and going viral! if your leveraging social media for your business just like we do, pay attention.
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The ultimate guide to writing a brand story

The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Brand Story

A well-told story turns wonky data into relatable information. They connect the dots between your brand’s promise and your customer’s aspirations. They are the heart and soul of brand storytelling and the part people relate to the most. Mastering the art of a powerful brand story can unlock the full potential of your brand and increase engagement with your target audience.
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Leveraging LinkedIn for b2b sales leads and recruiting

How To Leverage LinkedIn for B2B Sales Leads and Recruiting

Leveraging LinkedIn as a lead generation tool enables you to use your account as a powerful marketing tool to promote and attract recruits and sales; creating warm leads into resources, to convert cold buyers into more sales you can also target the right job seekers for a position in their companies!
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LinkedIn b2b marketing

Why Is LinkedIn the Best Social Media Channel for B2B

It’s no surprise that LinkedIn, the world’s largest social media platform for business professionals, is the absolute best b2b social media channel for companies' advertising solutions and b2b marketers.
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