Why You Need to Outsource Your Social Media In 2018

When it comes to marketing in 2018, size matters…

Therein lies the problem. You’re attempting to compete with the big budgets and colossal marketing teams of the chains to dominate the digital space (let’s be real: print marketing will only take you so far these days). So, how do you even the playing field and pack a punch that rivals the heavy hitters like Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, and Wyndham?

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What is Social Listening? Listen Up!

What is Social listening? Social listening can provide your company with major insights into what your audience wants from you on your social media sites. With the right tools knowledge and social media strategy development, you’ll be able to perfectly edit what it is you’re posting to have the biggest impacts.

Social listening, in a sense, is a way to eavesdrop on your target audience, and use that information to create the products that they want.

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The Basics of Instagram Backgrounds

Instagram is a world full of discovery, learning, and experimentation. Users try and try again with different approaches to their postings to see which types of posts will receive the most likes or engagement. Did you know that something as simple as the background in your photos could be impacting how many likes that your posts are receiving?