How facebook boosted posts work

How Facebook Boosted Posts Work

What Is A Facebook Boosted Post, is it worth it and how do they work? In today’s world of Facebook, boosting a post is a fantastic way to reach a targeted audience. The more you boost, the more you will learn about what users respond to best! Organic reach is declining across Facebook boosted posts are the next best option.


Why We’re Doing the Finding Happiness Project

Why are we’re doing the Finding Happiness Project? With a remarkable resurgence, rich history, and cultural cachet, Detroit is special. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this about the Motor City. In a 2018 study, Detroit was identified as the unhappiest city in the United States. That study inspired us to prove the statistics wrong with a project called “Finding Happiness Detroit.”


Who are Social Media Influencers?

Who are social media influencers? Think of the last time a friend of yours went on and on raving about a product. Even if you hadn’t heard of that product or weren’t previously interested, this influenced you to think about buying it as well. This thought process is exactly why influencer marketing works. Behind this phenomenon are the social media influencers themselves.


What is a Social Media Marketing Agency?

Facebook launched in 2004 as an “online directory that connects people through social networks at college”. If we had told a Fortune 500 like Walmart that one day the social network would not only be worth more than it, but that they would be investing thousands and thousands of dollars in ads on the platform, they would have laughed. But here we are: social media has taken over the internet.


Will Social Media Ever Replace Traditional Advertising?

The best part about social media websites? They’re free. It costs nothing to post about your product on your brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages or announce a new service on your LinkedIn. If you do decide to dive into the world of paid social, the cost is marginal compared to the amount of money companies pay to produce TV ads or print campaigns.


What Social Media Channels Are Best For B2B

When you think of brands that have an extraordinary social media presence, most companies that come to mind are probably B2C. Sure, B2B businesses have a more difficult time growing and reaching their audience, but it’s not impossible.

The key to a successful business to business social media campaign is to put your resources into the correct social media channels – and share the right content to them. By doing this, your brand can be noticed by company executives and considered for services. In fact, according to Forbes, 83% of executives actually use social media in their decision-making process to use a company. In addition, 92% of these executives said that social media has influenced a decision of theirs within the last year. Wow!

Social Media Marketing 101

Social Media Marketing 101 Guide For Beginners

So you want to start a social media marketing campaign. Of course, you do! The average person spends nearly two hours (approximately 116 minutes) on social media every day.

That is a total of 5 years and four months over a lifetime – longer than the typical person spends in high school or college. Woah!

This makes social media a big piece of the puzzle of success for businesses and brands – and can be extremely profitable. However, many struggle to understand where to start, and it’s understandable. With countless platforms, posting methods and trends it can feel like you have endless options. We’ve created this handy social media marketing 101 guide to help you learn the basics.