Boost ROAS With Facebook Ads

Boost ROAS With Facebook Ads With These 5 Proven Tips

Facebook marketing has, in recent years, become one of the most valuable tools for growth-oriented businesses to tap into. You can gain rapid growth for your business and boost ROAS with Facebook Ads and see a tremendous increase in engagement and conversions.

Why Facebook?

The Facebook platform holds 2 billion monthly users that is a huge market to tap into, making it an invaluable resource for gaining audience reach and stimulating conversion. However, optimizing advertising campaigns may appear complicated but it really isnt, if you know what to look for among the many options available for identifying and interacting with customers and stay on top of social media trends as we do at Social Motto Detroit. To help you see the trees through the forest, here are some of the best ways we have proven to return (ROAS) with your Facebook marketing budget.

Facebook Live How To Succeed at Every Event

Facebook Live How To Succeed at Every Event

It’s 2019 – and social media live event coverage is everything! It’s a chance to utilize social media to show off your business’ event, product or service in real-time with highly engaging visuals. Marketers know the importance of live event coverage. Everything from sporting events to cooking shows is streamed on TV for millions of users to watch. However, you don’t have to have a massive wallet and a production budget to cover an event online! All you need is a phone, a few social media accounts and fast fingers (have you ever tried live-tweeting a NASCAR race?!). Here is how we regularly utilize live event coverage to help clients connect and engage with their audience at a wide variety of events you can also check out Facebook live coverage in depth in one of my posts titled 8 reasons why brands should be using Facebook live.

Build A Stronger Facebook Digital Strategy With These Statistics

Build A Stronger Facebook Digital Strategy With This

Whether you are selling vacation homes, hot dogs, maternity jeans or engagement photoshoots – Facebook can help you reach your audience. Through video posts describing a product, Facebook ads to connect to a new audience, Facebook Live to complete a Q/A or tour and much more, the platform offers countless ways to implement a well-rounded social media strategy. However, with so many mediums, it can be difficult to choose what to implement. Check out the following Facebook statistics to learn what type of content users are interacting with and which demographics are most active.

Incredibly Creative Ways Brands Are Using Chatbots

Incredibly Creative Ways Brands Are Using Chatbots

As we’ve said before, chatbot virtual assistants natural language processing is the next big thing in social media messaging platforms. This simple and effective artificial intelligence uses natural organic language to machine learn conversations with customers. It is not only low-cost, but extremely customizable and effective. If your brand isn’t adding resources into generating your own chatbot for customer support, it’s most likely because you don’t think your business and customers have a use for it. It is time to rethink your approach because you can use chatbots in countless creative ways to boost sales, enhance customer service, and engage with customers and generate brand awareness.

Check out how the following brands have thought outside of the box to seamlessly enter the world of chatbot assistants. It may inspire you to do the same!

How To Organically Increase Facebook Video Views

How To Organically Increase Facebook Video Views

No doubt about it you can increase your Facebook video views in an incredible way to organically boost engagement on Facebook. Considering 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook per day, Facebook video is a top player in social media marketing. However, it isn’t just enough to create videos and upload them to your brand’s page, and you may find that video views are disappointing and off-target each month. If so, it’s time to carefully consider what users respond to best in order to maximum your efforts. Here are a few tips to help elevate the views and engagement on your videos!

Facebook Targeting Options You Didn't Know Existed

8 Top Facebook Targeting Options You Didn’t Know Existed

If you have dabbled in Facebook Ads (or even just boosted a few posts) you most likely are aware that you can target your ad’s audience by location, gender, age, and interests. However, there are countless, niche targeting options you probably are not aware of! These options are highly specific and may be able to offer you a much higher ROI as they increase the chances of reaching your ideal audience.

Simple and Free Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Simple and Free Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Facebook engagement is vital to help boost your brand’s organic reach. Organic reach offers optimal News Feed placement and allows your audience’s network to see your posts through shares and likes. Engagement is more important than ever thanks to Facebook’s latest algorithm change. Even if your brand has the resources for a Facebook ad budget, organic reach can help co-pilot your paid efforts to reaching a greater audience.

chatbots on facebook

Why You Should Take Advantage of Facebook Chatbots

If you could go back in time and be the first business to utilize Facebook ads, the first brand to post an Instagram Story or the first company to post a video on Facebook, wouldn’t you be?

Unfortunately, time machines don’t exist (yet!), but you can be among the first businesses to use Facebook’s newest treasure: Messenger chatbots.

There are currently only around 300,000 Facebook Messenger chatbots active – making it a prime time to beat the competition and take advantage of a new marketing tool.