B2B Influencer Marketing Strategies Guide


B2B Influencer marketing can elevate B2B brands by creating a genuine human connection with potential customers to win business.

There are many ways to win this trust, but one of the most successful? Looking inward at your company, figuring out what you stand for, and then elevating the most relevant and engaging voices both within your organization, and throughout the industry as a whole, to support and promote those values. Is a B2B influencer marketing strategy one of the most powerful ways to drive engagement, build trust, and brand awareness, reach potential customers, and drive employee advocacy? Let’s go over the pros and cons to help you decide if an influencer marketing strategy is right for your business.

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How To Leverage Micro Influencers To Boost Your B2B Business

Why Is LinkedIn the Best Social Media Channel for B2B

So, you’ve developed an app or the latest software-as-a-service startup company. Congratulations! But now, because you are a fresh new startup, you need to find some people to get your amazing innovation in front of…the right people and it all falls on you to find them. How do you do it most effectively?

Consider the micro-influencers. They may not have as well-known names as celebrities or macro-influencers, but micro-influencers—influential social media personalities with high engagement but modest-sized followings—increase your chances of hitting a marketing bullseye.

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