How To Leverage LinkedIn for B2B Sales Leads and Recruiting

Leveraging LinkedIn for b2b sales leads and recruiting

Leveraging LinkedIn as a lead generation tool enables you to use your account as a powerful marketing tool to promote and attract recruits and sales; creating warm leads into resources, to convert cold buyers into more sales you can also target the right job seekers for a position in their companies!

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25 LinkedIn Statistics You Can’t Ignore

instagram statistics you need to know

If we had a dollar for every time we heard that we could probably buy LinkedIn. Our follow up question?

“How much time have you spent on LinkedIn?”

When utilized correctly, LinkedIn can be an absolute gold mine for leads, conversions, and connections for businesses and professionals. However, because most people don’t use it in their professional lives as they do with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the knowledge doesn’t come naturally. Instead of taking the time to learn how to utilize it, they turn a blind eye to the professional social media platform and erase it from their social media strategy.

However, doing so can be a severe disadvantage and can hinder overall social media success and ROI for certain brands and businesses. Still not convinced? You can’t deny these statistics.

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