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Build A Stronger Facebook Digital Strategy With These Statistics

Build A Stronger Facebook Digital Strategy With This

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Whether you are selling vacation homes, hot dogs, maternity jeans or engagement photoshoots – Facebook can help you reach your audience. Through video posts describing a product, Facebook ads to connect to a new audience, Facebook Live to complete a Q/A or tour and much more, the platform offers countless ways to implement a well-rounded social media strategy. However, with so many mediums, it can be difficult to choose what to implement. Check out the following Facebook statistics to learn what type of content users are interacting with and which demographics are most active.

  • Facebook Messenger is the top mobile app according to downloads. (Via Hootsuite)
  • Revenue per user on Facebook has doubled in 3 years.  (Via Hootsuite)
  • 68% of American teens use Facebook. (Via Hootsuite)
  • The number of active American Facebook users aged 65+ has doubled to 41%. (Via Hootsuite)
Build A Stronger Facebook Digital Strategy With This
  • The average American spends 58 minutes per day on Facebook. (Via Hootsuite)
  • The average visit to Facebook lasts approximately 10 or 12 minutes. (Via Hootsuite)
  • Facebook has 80 million small and medium sized business pages. (Via Hootsuite)
  • There are 65 million local business pages on Facebook. (via Sprout Social) 
Build A Stronger Facebook Digital Strategy With This
  • The average brand sees a median engagement rate of approximately .09% per post on Facebook. (via Sprout Social) 
  • Facebook is the second-favorite platform for consuming videos after YouTube. (via Sprout Social) 
  • Videos with captions increase viewing time by approximately 12%. (Via Social Media Today)
  • A video ad has approximately 3 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention. (Via Social Media Today)
Build A Stronger Facebook Digital Strategy With This
  • Shorter posts receive 23% more interaction than longer posts do. (Via Social Media Today)
  • Video posts generate more shares than any other post type. (Via Social Media Today)
  • Men aged 18-24% make up 18% of all Facebook users. (Via Social Media Today)
  • The United States has the most Facebook users, followed by India, Brazil and Indonesia. (Via Social Media Today)
Build A Stronger Facebook Digital Strategy With This
Build A Stronger Facebook Digital Strategy With This

Kimberly Stricker

Founder / Social Media Storyteller
Kim Stricker is a social media strategist, social media marketer, and founder of Social Motto social media marketing agency in Detroit Michigan. Kim consults with brands and companies on how to use the digital space and Social Media tools in growing brands. She’s managed campaigns for Nonprofits, Fortune 500 Companies, and small businesses in how to effectively incorporate social media into an overall marketing mix, and excel in the medium by giving their brands a strong voice in the community. Kim offers strategic marketing insights that focus on brand building and communicating visions, products, and services through innovative social marketing campaigns. By becoming a brand advocate and expert, Kim can develop and optimize content for social media outreach including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, etc. In addition, she always maintains an awareness of new social media marketing techniques in the marketplace, as well as looking for opportunities to innovate in new territories.
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