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8 Top Facebook Targeting Options You Didn’t Know Existed

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If you have dabbled in Facebook Ads and Facebook Targeting (or even just boosted a few posts) you most likely are aware that you can target your ad’s audience by location, gender, age, and interests. However, there are countless, niche targeting options you probably are not aware of! These options are highly specific and may be able to offer you a much higher ROI as they increase the chances of reaching your ideal audience.

Facebook Page Admins

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If your business is trying to sell a product or program that makes marketing easier or even a platform for small business owners,
targeting Facebook page admins can be very helpful! These individuals likely are short on time (especially the small business owners) and need exactly what your brand offers. Additionally, if you are a company that offers solutions to new social media advances (such as Facebook Chatbot builders) targeting Facebook page admins is extremely beneficial. You’ll not only hit small business owners but also their social media managers who are well aware of chatbots but may not have the coding background to implement it.

People Looking to Move

Moving companies, real estate agencies, insurance brokers or mortgage brokers – this targeting option is for you! Facebook allows you to target people who are actively looking to purchase a new home, and a wide variety of people, too! If you add recent college grads to this targeting options, you’ll be able to cater your ad to that audience, or you can target a larger household size for larger, family-catered homes. Prepare to increase your ROI, realtors!

Donation History

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If you are a non-profit, placing your Facebook ad in front of users who’s behaviors indicate donating in the past can be extremely helpful. In addition to targeting those who have a history of charitable giving, you can also target based on the type of donation as well as add in your organization’s category (animals, disaster relief, children, etc) if you want to be really specific. Note that the more specific you are, the more narrow your reach will be, but you may be able to pull in a higher quality group of users instead.

Birthday Celebrations

Does your brand offer discounts for those who are celebrating a birthday? This targeting option is perfect for you! Send a discount code ad out that targets people who are celebrating their birthdays soon. Chances are, they’ll be interested in treating themselves to something nice. Additionally, you can also target people who are friends and family of an upcoming birthday boy or girl! Thanks to your carefully placed ad, many birthdays are about to be remembered!

New Job

Ah, new jobs. New clothes, new briefcase, and new stationery! Countless brands can benefit from targeting people who have just started a new job as they are looking to not only upgrade their wardrobe but also accessories and work items. Changes are, they are also experiencing a raise in salary and have a bit more money to spend. If your brand caters to certain types of jobs, too, such as scrubs for nurses or doctors, you can target people who have recently started a job in the medical field.


Airlines, photo album creators, travel agencies and even businesses who create gadgets for travel geeks – you’re sure to benefit from this one! Whether targeting people who travel very frequently, occasionally or have just returned from a trip, there are countless options for this targeting option. You can even target commuters! Credit card companies who specialize in cards with air mile benefits and rewards would benefit greatly from the frequent traveler’s option, whereas companies who provide photo printing services would benefit from those who are currently traveling. They won’t want to forget a moment of their current trip!

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Friends of Newly Engaged

This is an interesting one – and places like Groupon certainly take advantage of it! Sure, photography companies, photographers, wedding planners, venues and dressmakers can certainly target those who have recently been engaged. But how does targeting friends of the engaged help (besides engagement gifts, of course)? Through pressure. Men and women who have recently had a friend engaged may feel a bit more inclined to pop the question (wedding fever is a real thing!), and advertising a sale on rings is a genius tactic by Groupon and other jewelers. Get ready to attend a lot more weddings thanks to this targeting option!

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Birthday Celebrations

Insurance agencies, real estate websites, banks and more will find this targeting option useful! Moving your life across the world essentially means you need to start over. If you’re a company that offers a service that is a necessity of life, think outside of the box and target people who definitely need help establishing it. Additionally, you can also target friends and family of expats. Banks that offer international money transfer services, shipping specials, hotels, airlines and more will love to utilize this targeting feature!

People In Long Distance Relationships

Over 14 million people in the United States consider themselves to be in a long distance relationship! This is a huge audience that goes overlooked on social media. Florists, communication apps such as WhatsApp, brands hosting events in the area and airline companies will find this targeting option very helpful.

Facebook has given us countless targeting options and there’s an opportunity to use all of them once you understand the data of your audience. Be specific, and experiment! By thinking out of the box, you’ll discover additional audiences you didn’t know existed.

Kimberly Stricker

Kim Stricker, the founder and lead social media strategist at Social Motto, possesses over two decades of specialized experience in B2B social media marketing. Her expertise lies in harnessing the power of social media platforms to drive business-to-business engagement and growth. Kim’s strategic approach blends innovative social media tactics with in-depth knowledge of B2B marketing dynamics, making her an adept at crafting impactful digital campaigns and social media storytelling that effectively connect businesses with their professional target audiences.
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