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Google Search Working on Adding Video to Search Results

Google Search Working on Adding Video to Search Results

“How tall is Will Ferrel?” You type into Google, expecting a simple number to pop up and conclude your searches, but what if, instead, Will Ferrel himself popped up in a video answering your exact question? This is the next project for Google, search videos of celebrities answering your commonly Googled questions! This feature is meant to make searches more interesting and interactive, for now only on mobile devices but the desktop frontier is also being investigated by the team who has come up with this idea. These videos are held to the same content policies of anything that you may search through Google, and celebrities do have the choice of whether or not they would like to answer the questions.

While the Google team is focusing on celebrities at the moment the plan is for the number of video responses to get larger and larger, perhaps one day even reaching CEO’s and small business owners! These videos could be a huge opportunity for marketing your company, bringing attention to your best products or the quality of service that you provide. Videos could also be shot to strategically show off your great storefront or a few of the top-selling products that you have to offer!

But why wait until Google makes this possible? Companies could use this idea to add fun, informative videos to their websites or social media handles to make your advertisements more interactive. Are you prepared to get on screen to answer your customer’s most common questions about your company?


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