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How B2B Marketers Can Sew Success with Meta’s Threads  

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Emerging social media platforms, like Meta’s “Threads,” a new social media platform and a text-based app, are poised to redefine what B2B marketing means in the digital age.  

It allows new users to easily share short-text posts, offering an interface that is very similar to platforms like “X” (formerly Twitter). Unlike traditional platforms that prioritize follower counts, Threads emphasizes shared interests, fostering more intimate and target audience interactions. 

This focus on niche communities presents a unique opportunity for B2B marketers to engage deeply with their target audiences. As Threads competes with Twitter’s microblogging approach, it showcases Meta’s ambition to diversify its social media offerings and challenge established giants. But with this evolving landscape, what does this mean for B2B marketers? Can Threads truly bridge the B2B social media marketing gap?

What is Meta's Threads? A deep dive into features and functionality

What is Meta's Threads social media platform

Meta’s threads is described as a ‘text-based conversation app,’ bringing a new dynamic to the table as a platform that brings a fresh dynamic to social media. 

Here’s a breakdown of the standout features:

  • Threaded Conversations: Followers are engaged in detailed, evolving discussions, enabling a more organized and focused conversation environment.

  • Unique Dynamic: One of the key aspects Threads brings to the table is its emphasis on niche channels centered around specific interests. This ensures that conversations remain relevant and engaging.

  • Share Random Thoughts: Beyond structured conversations, users can share random thoughts, insights, and perspectives without the typical social media clutter.

Integration with other platforms

Threads integrates seamlessly with Instagram, allowing those with a Threads account to connect with their existing Instagram networks effortlessly, streamlining the user experience. This integration not only enhances the user experience but also provides social media marketers with a unique opportunity to be active on Instagram and tap into a broader audience base.

Here’s how you can harness its power:

  • Integrate with Instagram/Facebook: A seamless integration with a user’s existing Instagram and Facebook accounts, making it easy to find and engage connections.
  • Establish Industry Thought Leadership: Dive into relevant discussions, share insights, and position your business as an industry leader.
  • Engage in Targeted Networking: A goldmine for networking. Engage in meaningful dialogues, offer assistance, and foster valuable connections.
  • Showcase Product Innovations: Use it to update your audience about your latest offerings.
  • Collaborate with Influencers: Partner with key figures to amplify your brand’s reach and credibility.
  • Seek and Provide Support: Engage in communities, share challenges, and find solutions.

How Threads Differs from "X" Twitter (now known as X)

social media platform Threads vs. Twitter

While Twitter offers a global stage and plans to charge for TweetDeck, Threads, emerging from the Meta business suite, promises intimate interactions and a unique approach to social engagement. Given the many users flocking to Threads, with 30 million having signed up by the morning of July 6, 2023, its significance in the social media landscape is undeniable. As social media continues to evolve, B2B marketers are keenly observing the potential of Threads as an alternative or complement to platforms like Twitter.

Interestingly, while Twitter marks a day in the lives of many, not every B2B brand yet recognizes the potential of Threads as an alternative to Twitter.

With a very similar interface to other platforms, Threads offers a more personalized experience. The Threads algorithm gives users content that is more relevant to their interests. This curated approach can help drive traffic and engagement for brands in a digital marketing strategy, especially given Threads’ place within Meta’s business suite.


In-app captioning functionality

In addition to text conversations, Threads offers in-app captioning for audio messages. This unique functionality provides convenience and accessibility within the app.

Moderation Policies

As a newer social media platform, details around its content moderation policies are still emerging. However, its closed, intimate circles and ability to remove followers may allow for more control over conversations versus Twitter’s open format. It has described plans to leverage both AI and human reviewers, though the specifics remain unclear. As with any platform, businesses should closely evaluate alignment with their risk tolerance.

Integration with Instagram

Threads’ seamless integration with Instagram amplifies its potential for B2B marketers. With the ability to automatically connect with Instagram audiences and effortlessly share content across both platforms, Threads leverages existing social networks to enhance its user base and reach. This integration not only simplifies the user experience but also offers brands a cohesive strategy for dual-platform engagement.

Threads enables easy sharing and nuanced discussions with threaded replies and a similar interface. Compared to Twitter’s open town square, the combination of extended posts, Instagram integration, and personalized recommendations distinguishes Threads as a platform for substantive personal connections.

While both platforms have their merits, there are key pros and cons worth considering when evaluating Twitter versus Threads.


Pros and cons of each platform

  • Twitter has a larger reach but uncertain content moderation
  • Threads has more control over conversations and communities
  • Twitter still dominates for broad awareness and visibility
  • It is better for specific and targeted discussions

Is Threads the right fit?

  • Good for niche B2B products focused on specific industries
  • Better for businesses seeking high engagement and trust
  • Not ideal if broad reach and mass awareness are the goal

The resilience of Twitter in the face of new platforms like Threads

Despite social media platforms emerging, such as Threads, Twitter’s stability in the social media landscape is undisputed. A track record of consistent user engagement and shelf-life gives it an edge. However, with time, platforms like Threads could challenge this status quo, but as it stands now, it’s currently unavailable for marketers to have a comparative measure.

Why B2B marketers might prefer Threads over other social media platforms

On merits alone, it appears that the platform offers digital marketers a more calculated approach to social outreach. Understanding the specific audience segments that might be most active or relevant can further refine these strategies. Knowing primary users’ demographics or professional backgrounds can enhance the precision of B2B social media strategies. The platform’s focus on fostering meaningful, threaded conversation makes it a compelling choice for B2B marketers over Twitter’s brevity and pace.

How to use Threads for B2B marketing and community building

How to use Threads social media platform for B2B marketing and community building

For effective B2B marketing, it is essential to be actively participating in relevant conversations within your professional community. The ‘threads’ feature also facilitates deeper dives into topics. The user experience on Threads, with its ability to foster community engagement, offers a unique advantage.

To realize the full potential of your B2B digital marketing campaign, adopt these proven best practices to demonstrate thought leadership and build credibility.

Best practices for community engagement

Once you’ve established expertise, it’s time to build community engagement. Here are some best practices:

  • Join channels like #marketing to connect with your audiences. Contribute by asking smart questions, like “How are you leveraging AR capabilities for customer support?”
  • Initiate threads on current issues. Pose intriguing titles like “The Work From Home Debate: Pros and Cons for B2B.” Offer prompts inviting perspectives.
  • Host “Ask Me Anything” sessions with experts using prepared, thoughtful questions. “As a leader in CX transformation, what future trends excite you?”
  • Crowdsource insights by asking specific questions. “What’s your top 2023 goal for revenue growth? Reply with examples!”

Once you’ve built a reputation as an industry expert by sharing valuable insights, you can leverage your presence for enhanced lead generation.

Showcasing thought leadership and expertise

Establishing yourself as an industry expert is key to attracting and converting high-quality leads online. Let me share my top tips for showcasing thought leadership and expertise:

  • Sharing data-driven insights is a great way to demonstrate thought leadership. For example, create discussions to share key statistics and trends from your company’s annual industry reports. Pull out 2-3 compelling data points and provide a clear analysis of the implications in the comments. This data-backed commentary shows you’re plugged into wider industry knowledge.
  • Providing tactical, actionable advice also flaunts your experience. Make discussions like “5 Pro Tips for Streamlining Sales Pipelines” and give specific examples for implementing each tip. You could share templates, checklists, or tutorials to help people apply your advice. This practical guidance proves your hands-on expertise.
  • Partner with influencers to co-create discussions that highlight your complementary skills. Collaborate on future-focused topics like “5 Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023.” Split topics, and each share 2-3 tips where you have insider insights. Cross-promote each other’s brands. These partnerships expand your reach.
  • Brands can also initiate industry polls, surveys, or debates, encouraging active participation and gathering valuable insights from the community. Such initiatives not only boost engagement but also position the brand as a proactive industry player.

Consistently sharing your knowledge establishes you as an industry resource readers can learn from and trust. This naturally attracts and converts high-quality leads over time.

How does Threads diverse user base affect B2B marketing?

The diversity of the user base on Threads can impact B2B marketing significantly. Threads can be leveraged to reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, and enhance online reputation, which might be instrumental in driving marketing efforts.

A Mini Guide to Leveraging Threads for Lead Generation

A Mini Guide to Leveraging Threads for Lead Generation

The platform presents a transformative opportunity in the digital landscape. Meta’s new social media platform has garnered significant attention, especially in terms of lead generation. With its unique features or capabilities, many have joined the platform, eager to explore its potential. The lack of DMs ensures that conversations remain open and transparent, fostering genuine engagement.

When it comes to marketing, it allows businesses to carve a new dimension in nurturing relationships with potential clients. Integration with Instagram gives users a seamless transition with their existing Instagram profile image, giving it a distinct advantage. This seamless transition ensures that businesses can maintain brand consistency across other social media platforms too. Feedback from early adopters, including social media managers who might not be a fan of Facebook but have an affinity for platforms like Instagram and Twitter, underscores the organized structure. This structure facilitates more meaningful discussions compared to Twitter’s rapid-fire style and — wait for it — social dynamics.

According to Anthony Cardillo’s report from August 1, 2023, on Exploding Topics, Threads has seen a meteoric rise with 120 million users. Remarkably, the platform reached this milestone of 100 million users in just four days, breaking the previous record set by ChatGPT, which took two months. This explosive growth is attributed to the vast user base of Instagram and Facebook. However, while Threads experienced such rapid adoption, it has seen a decline in daily active users, dropping from 49.3 million on July 7 to 13 million by July 24. Yet, the platform’s potential for B2B lead generation remains undeniable.

Engaging on Threads involves more than just posting; it’s about active participation in online conversations, whether on a website or blog, social media groups, or comment sections. By offering valuable insights, businesses can position themselves as industry leaders, attracting potential leads. Given its conversational nature, marketers might also consider launching Q&A sessions or expert panels on specific industry topics, helping to identify leads actively seeking solutions.

Strategically crafted discussions can weave a compelling brand narrative. For instance, discussions that showcase expertise, share success stories or thoughtfully respond when followers are already sharing their insights can enhance brand perception. Features like “others also viewed” or insights into the accounts one follows further enrich the user experience.

While it fosters deeper connections and organized conversations, it’s not without challenges. What might be the potential pitfalls for marketers using it? Addressing these concerns can offer a balanced perspective, aiding businesses in navigating potential hurdles. And as people are jumping onto the bandwagon after Meta’s rebranding announcement, staying updated with the ever-evolving digital landscape becomes paramount.

Converting engagements into leads

Responding promptly and thoughtfully to follower questions and comments shows care. Following up with helpful resources and offers creates opportunities to convert engaged followers into leads.

Encouraging followers to share their business challenges provides openings to demonstrate solutions. A consultant could reply to a question with a tailored recommendation and offer to discuss options further.

The platform’s focus on user-generated, targeted conversations can help capture qualified leads through close engagement tracking. But as a new platform, the approach and results remain to be seen.

The potential of Threads for B2B lead generation – Time will tell

While still early stage, Threads shows the potential to transform business-to-business social media marketing. As the platform evolves, marketers should stay nimble and optimize strategies accordingly. Closely tracking growth and engagement will reveal the true benefits of Threads for lead generation over time.

Case studies and examples

Several businesses have integrated Threads into their operations, showcasing its potential. Here’s a closer look at some case studies of companies have leveraged Threads:

  • Basewell’s Transition to Threads: Basewell, a forward-thinking enterprise, transitioned to Threads, sidelining other communication tools. Brittany & Evan Stewart, the leaders at Basewell, shared how Threads seamlessly integrated into their daily operations, becoming the backbone of their internal communications.
    Relevance to B2B Lead Generation: Basewell’s story underscores Threads’ adaptability and efficiency, highlighting its potential to revolutionize communication dynamics for businesses.

  • Brevy’s Global Operations with Threads: Brevy, operating across continents, turned to Threads to ensure cohesive communication. Mohamed Abedelmalik of Brevy detailed how Threads bridged communication gaps across their global outposts.
    Relevance to B2B Lead Generation: Brevy’s tale emphasizes Threads’ prowess in facilitating cross-border communications, making it an indispensable tool for global businesses.

  • Panther’s Enhanced Workflow with Threads: Panther, aiming for agility in the fast-paced business world, adopted Threads to streamline operations. Matt Redler of Panther highlighted how Threads propelled them into a realm of unparalleled efficiency.
    Relevance to B2B Lead Generation: Panther’s experience showcases Threads’ capability to turbocharge workflows, emphasizing its value for businesses aiming to expedite processes.

These narratives, rooted in real-world experiences, illuminate Threads’ transformative potential. For B2B  digitial marketers charting their course in the digital seas, these case studies serve as guiding stars, highlighting Threads’ prowess as a communication and lead generation platform.

Threads vs. LinkedIn- A Comparative Analysis 

While LinkedIn remains the go-to platform for businesses and professional networking, Threads, with its informal tone, offers a fresh approach. It’s not about replacing LinkedIn or Twitter; it’s about leveraging Threads to complement your existing strategies.

LinkedIn, a dominant B2B social media marketing player, primarily caters to a professional audience segment. The comparison between Threads and LinkedIn, thus, becomes significant for B2B content marketers. However, while LinkedIn provides an unparalleled platform for professional networking, Threads could provide a comparably conducive environment for fostering consumer relationships with a slightly informal tone.

The future of B2B marketing with Threads and its potential advantages 

The future of B2B marketing with Threads and its potential advantages 

Still in its infancy, Threads heralds a new era in B2B marketing. With Mark Zuckerberg at the helm of Meta’s business suite, its potential is undeniable. The ability to generate meaningful conversations and engagement is a key feature of Threads.

As it grows, one of the significant aspects business-to-business social media marketers would be interested in is the monetization model of Threads. Understanding if there will be advertising opportunities similar to other platforms can shape future marketing strategies. B2B marketers should keep a close eye on its evolution, ready to adapt and seize the opportunities it presents.

How a platform similar to Twitter can create a difference

A platform similar to Twitter but emphasizing threaded conversations, like Threads does, could create a significant shift in the B2B social media marketing landscape. The potential for such a shift is substantial, and marketers should monitor the trends closely.

Final Thoughts...

With a deep understanding of your target audience, the power of storytelling, and the right tools and strategies, your Linkedin strategy can really pay off. Seize the opportunity and unlock the full potential of one of the best social media channels for B2B businesses online to reach your target audience.

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