How facebook boosted posts work
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How Facebook Boosted Posts Work

What exactly is a boosted post, is it worth it and how do they work?

Chances are, you’ve seen the message countless times on Facebook below one of your brand’s posts: “Get more likes, comments, and shares! Boost this post for $3 to reach up to 1,100 people.” More engagement for $3? Sounds like a sweet deal.

It’s no secret that organic reach is declining across Facebook. It’s not necessarily vital to pay to promote your content, but after spending hours creating content, adding a few extra dollars to your monthly social budget is quite worth it. You deserve to see a return on your investment! You could outsource your social media marketing or learn the basics of social media marketing for beginners but if your audience is mainly on Facebook and you are on a limited budget boosted posts are the way to go.

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Benefits of Boosted Posts:

  1. Fill void of declining organic reach: Facebook’s new goal is to fill your newsfeed with content from family and friends. Good news for a new mom who is racking up likes with baby pictures, bad news for a business searching for leads. Boosting a post allows you to overcome the new algorithm change and place your content back into newsfeeds. If you would like to read more in detail about Facebook’s algorithm check out Hootsuite’s article on How the Facebook algorithm works in 2018.
  2. A whole new world: Boosting a post allows you to reach an audience that isn’t already following your page, and also allows you to target your dream audience. For example, a business offering SAT prep may want to target 15-18 year olds in America whereas the Detroit Lions may want to target women in Michigan for posts highlighting their new women’s jerseys.
  3. It’s immediate: Once you click “Boost Post”, Facebook quickly reviews it and sets it live. Made a mistake? Don’t worry. You have the option to edit your boosted post even once live. Heres how to edit a boosted post.
  4. Analytics: Facebook makes it easy for you to listen and learn from how your boosted content has performed. Head to Facebook Insights and click posts. You’ll find a breakdown of each post that details the reach, clicks, reactions, shares, and comments on each post. Here is how to view the insights of your boosted Facebook posts.
A brief guide to facebook insights

So What Is A Facebook Boosted Post?

A Facebook Boost post is a type of paid advertisement on Facebook. It promotes an existing post from a business page (meaning you can select your best performing post!) and expands the reach. A regular post will only reach some of the people who follow your page, but a boosted post places your content in front of a much, much larger audience.

If you’re just starting to enter the world of paid social, boosted posts are a good place to begin. Regular Facebook ads is a highly specialized system that requires training – and could be a waste of money for you to test out on your own. Boosted posts are generally foolproof – and anyone with a business page has access to it!

What Are The Features Of A Boosted Post?

  • Audience: You can select your target audience’s age, gender, location, and interests.
  • Budget: You can boost a post for as little as $1/day! It doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. Start small, assess and add more to your budget once you learn what people respond to best. The more you pay, the greater the reach. Facebook lets you know your projected reach before it goes live, giving you an idea of how far your budget will get you.
  • Duration: A boosted post can run for just a day, a week, a month – or you can select for it to continuously run until you hit stop.

In today’s world of Facebook, boosting a post is a fantastic way to reach a targeted audience. The more you boost, the more you will learn about what users respond to best! Listen and tweak your strategy. Remember, social media is always changing!