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Native Ads, We See You

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Native ads, a type of advertisement that has become increasingly popular with companies are becoming more apparent to page visitors. Native ads are known to be more “hidden” within a page, to stand out less than traditional advertisements, these ads are typically still labeled as such but in discrete ways. Native Advertisements are ideal for mobile browsing because of the difficulty that comes with integrating banner ads with mobile sites.

Native advertisements are a relatively new form of advertising, but despite their discrete appearance, they are still very identifiable as advertisements. However, this does not mean that this type of advertisement is ineffective. An initial thought with native advertisements was that it may confuse page visitors into clicking on the ad more than a clearly marked advertisement. The success of an advertisement can’t be solely based on how many clicks it receives, because advertisements often have a lasting effect on potential consumers. Simply because a page visitor doesn’t click on the ad, doesn’t mean that they won’t go back and search the product later. The influence that advertisements have on us as consumers do not have to lead to immediate action.

Native advertisements are a great pursuit for your company, they are proven to be just as effective with consumers as big, bold, advertisements are. This also means that as a company, if you’re trying to blend your advertisements in with page content, many consumers are already aware of this trend and will be able to identify your advertisement easily.

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