Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media?
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Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media?


When it comes to social media marketing budget matters, size matters…


Therein lies the problem. You’re attempting to compete with the big budgets and colossal marketing teams of the chains to dominate the digital space (let’s be real: print marketing will only take you so far these days).


So, how do you even the playing field and pack a punch that rivals the heavy hitters like Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, and Wyndham?


Well, the key ingredient to digital marketing success is social media success. So we suggest you audit your social strategy (we have a quick, three-question audit we’ll go through later) and enlist the help of experts.


Allow me to explain…


You’ve certainly heard marketers say content is king, but you must realize social media reigns supreme.


You can’t capitalize on your content without social media. But you can both create and distribute content on social platforms.


Thus, a tremendous opportunity exists through social — if you have the right people, strategy, execution, and distribution in place.


Whether you have a lean team, sole individual, or shared marketing responsibilities (we know many sales teams double as marketers), you likely don’t have someone who really knows the ins and outs of social media and is able to dedicate the hours to staying ahead of the trends and executing on the ever-changing algorithms, emerging platforms, and recently-released features.


Hence, you’re leaving leads on the table.


We believe social media can be the difference between selling out inventory and having to rely on offers that insult your bottom line to create demand.


Oh, and the big brands and your direct competitors are believers too. You see, the ones who are doing digital right are investing heavily in social.


And you can, too… thanks to outsourcing.


Outsourcing increases your manpower minus the headaches and deep pockets of hiring.


You’re extending your marketing team without breaking the bank on full-time salaries and benefits packages, and you’re avoiding spending valuable time on onboarding and ongoing training for new hires.


That manpower, by the way, is not just another warm body looking to learn the ropes of marketing or pitch in on the little things.


With outsourced social media, experts comes deep strategy, extraordinary execution, the distribution that converts, and the ability to capitalize on the always-evolving social landscape.


Do me a quick favor: Take a second to audit your current social strategy. Live videos, cover videos, Instagram stories, and custom Snapchat filters are just a few of the things that convert when you have experts at the helm.


Are you using those things right now? Did you know they exist? Are you confident they’re converting? If any answer is no, it’s time to outsource.


But wait, there’s more…


By outsourcing to experts, you’ll know you have the best team in place from the moment someone finds you online (likely through that Facebook Video we created for you), to the booking call (that call button on Instagram is really paying off), to their stay (we’re gonna be sure they want to share their story on social with others and cultivate conversation through comments).


From strategy and execution to distribution and trends, we’re on it.


Here’s a quick breakdown of our social media expertise here at Social Motto:


Strategy: We believe in visual storytelling, so we put a strategy in place that tells your property’s unique story through high-quality video, photography, and copy, guaranteed to gather interest and leads.


Execution: With a strategy in place, we come in and knock those creative assets out of the park as we piece together your story for social.


Outreach and Engagement Every social media platform speaks a different language and boasts unique features. We know what works, and we’re fluent in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. We do the heavy lifting here to make sure your voice is heard around the world.


Social Listening and Trends: Look, you and I both know social media is constantly changing. So much so that it’s hard to keep up. You may have recently identified the value of Instagram stories, but we’ve been creating stories that convert for more than a year. Live video? We’ve been “producing” since 2016. Snapchat filters? Easy peasy.


We’re aware of the trends, changes, and algorithms, and pivot as needed to continue to produce.


And the list goes on…


It’s time to compete in the crowded travel space, and in 2018, your success will be determined by your social presence.


Rather than using a budget, manpower, time, and resources as excuses, solve your social problem by enlisting experts and watch your bookings (and bottom line) soar.