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How Can Social Media Management Services Work For You?

According to the Pew Research Center, 86% of Americans have social media accounts . That’s where your customers are so why aren’t you adding social media campaigns to your marketing mix? You may be out there have some brand awareness, to some extent. Your business may have a social media account such as a Facebook business page or a blog. But we think you’ll be surprised at the impact a social media presence can have on your bottom line when expertly managed by a social media marketing company such as Social Motto.

Since we’re Detroiters, we’ll use an automotive metaphor here: The difference between businesses that conduct their own social outreach and those that use Social Motto is like the difference between trudging toward your goal in beat-up old shoes and going 0-60 in four seconds in a Camaro to reach your destination in a flash.

Let Social Motto be your social manage your social media strategy and presence . All you’ll have to do is watch your ROI climb, climb, climb.


We manage the social media marketing campaigns of your B2B brand - evaluating the metrics at each stage from ideation to analytics, adjusting the approach as needed. Our team will refine as necessary to keep your message strong and effective across different platforms producing results, helping you scale your business faster.

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We believe in visual storytelling so we take what we learn from you and create the ideal mix of channels on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others to direct, intensify and explode your reach. Connecting with your audience on a more personal level. With a strategy in place, we come in and knock those creative assets out of the park as we piece together your story for social.


Every social media platform speaks a different language along with your brand's voice and requires unique features. We know what works, and we’re fluent in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. We do the heavy lifting here that generate likes and replies on all social channels to make sure your brand voice is heard around the world.


We continuously monitor and control the narrative about your brand on social media ensuring that it reinforces your message. Keeping track of what your audience is saying and improving the overall sentiment, keeping it fluid and relevant.


We have the technology and know-how to build relationships with your target audience in real-time online. From product demonstrations to live testimonials, we can launch coordinated campaigns to drive more social media users to your live event and connect with them more effectively increasing the buzz around your product or service.


We create and leverage visual content in the form of Photography, Video Production, 2D and 3D graphic animation specific to what resonates on a particular social media channel for your target audience to engage and entertain.


We strategically determine which social media channels most of your prospects and customers are already visiting. We then launch various campaigns, creating, testing, and refining your advertising keeping it fresh and relevant to target and retarget them with the right message.


After launching your social media campaigns we look at the data to gauge how your social outreach is performing. Are there any trends? What’s working and what’s not? How can we improve performance? What have we learned? We then tweak them accordingly based on the gathered data to maximize results and conversions.


We broaden the scope of your customer service. According to J.D. Power, 67% of consumers have used a company’s social media channel for customer care. When they do, they expect a fast response. By adding social media to the mix we can improve customer satisfaction. We’re on it.


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