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Snapchat: Beyond the App

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With the new year comes new features for many applications. One of our beloved forms of social media, Snapchat, is making a big step with the new year by bringing Snap stories out of the app. Snapchat is currently only accessible through the application, but with this new project in the works called “Stories Everywhere” stories will be able to be viewed outside of the app.

This feature will allow for stories to be embedded into websites by third party publishers. The hope of this feature is to bring more users to the app because Snapchat has recently seen a plateau in growth. The ability to embed stories into websites will be great for companies to help get their postings out there to their audience who may not follow their Snapchat accounts.

The hope is that with more people being able to view the stories without the app, it will entice them to then download the app, thus creating growth for Snapchat and also a bigger following for the accounts that have their stories embedded. If you don’t have a Snapchat account, now may be the time to create one!

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