Twitter Statistics Every Brand Should Consider

Twitter Statistics Every Brand Should Consider

Reading Time: 2 minutes Twitter consistently remains one of the best ways for brands and businesses to make an impression on potential customers and connect with existing customers. Considering the features and options Twitter offers such as polls, GIFs, videos and photos, it’s no surprise that over 500 million tweets are sent each day! But why does Twitter matter for your brand? Does it matter for your brand? Here are the most important Twitter statistics you should consider when developing a social media strategy for your business.

8 Social Media Marketing Tools For Business Success

8 Social Media Marketing Tools For Business Success

Reading Time: 5 minutes Every day social media marketers are faced with a never-ending list of responsibilities.

Did you schedule every post for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram? Did you respond to all 56 comments on Facebook? Did you respond to 15 Instagram direct messages? Did you make sure your brand and it’s various products were not mentioned negatively on Twitter? Did you reach out to micro-influencers about posting a review of our newest product? Did you boost that last Facebook post for $50? Whew – and that’s not even half of it.

It can certainly be a challenge to stay on top of everything, but luckily for us, there are countless social media tools and programs that can help you succeed, streamline the process and save time.

The following are some of our favorite tools for scheduling, content discovery, analytics, brand listening, reputation management, and content creation.

Proven Instagram engagement tips for 2019

Proven Instagram engagement tips for 2019

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you have been active lately on Instagram you might have noticed a decrease in the Instagram engagement rate – you aren’t alone. If you haven’t noticed yet the Instagram feed has changed due to the recent algorithm update significantly prioritizing posts, photos, and videos from users’ friends and family – leaving businesses and promotions behind.

Social media marketing is changing…though not impossible to still have a constant cycle of engagement on your posts, it’s definitely more difficult than before to engage your audience. As a digital marketing agency, I have put together some of my proven ways to grow your Instagram engagement and followers organically increase for your business and brand while building up a loyal following of customers and grow your Instagram presence organically and engage your users.

Annoying Social Media Behaviors Every Brand Should Avoid

Reading Time: 5 minutes Social media is an incredible way to connect with your audience across the world seamlessly and instantly. But just as quickly as a post can reach the other side of the world the unfollow button can also be hit. Once someone unfollows your brand’s account that prized connection is lost.

What is Reputation Management on Social Media?

Reading Time: 4 minutes You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.

For any business, it’s nearly impossible to avoid negative feedback. Social media has only made it easier for people to complain, leave bad reviews and share unkind comments about your company. What once was word-of-mouth is now published on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram where it lives forever and can be seen across the world. Yikes. The good news is, for every piece of negative feedback there’s most likely a positive one, too. What matters most is correctly handling the unwanted comments with grace and embracing the positive ones. This is why having an established social media reputation management plan in place is absolutely vital.

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6 Tips on running micro-influencer campaigns

Reading Time: 1 minute So, you’ve developed an app or the latest software-as-a-service startup company. And now, because you are a fresh new startup, you need to find some people to get your amazing innovation in front of…many people…and it all falls on you. How do you do it most effectively? You are not the only newbie faced with this challenge.
Thankfully, in the past four years, with the boom of social media has come a rise in influencer marketing as a reliable acquisition channel for consumers. And there are so many influencers to choose from. So which one has the potential to be the best fit for you. Consider micro-influencers.