Instagram Statistics Every Social Media Marketer Needs to Know

Instagram Statistics Every Social Media Marketer Needs to Know

Reading Time: 3 minutes What started as a way to simply share photos has become a necessary tool for marketers – and the third most popular social media network in the world. If you aren’t utilizing Instagram to connect with your audience organically and through paid efforts – you most likely should be. Why? Well, these statistics speak for themselves…

Proven Instagram engagement tips for 2019

Proven Instagram engagement tips for 2019

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you have been active lately on Instagram you might have noticed a decrease in the Instagram engagement rate – you aren’t alone. If you haven’t noticed yet the Instagram feed has changed due to the recent algorithm update significantly prioritizing posts, photos, and videos from users’ friends and family – leaving businesses and promotions behind.

Social media marketing is changing…though not impossible to still have a constant cycle of engagement on your posts, it’s definitely more difficult than before to engage your audience. As a digital marketing agency, I have put together some of my proven ways to grow your Instagram engagement and followers organically increase for your business and brand while building up a loyal following of customers and grow your Instagram presence organically and engage your users.

50 Social Media Demographics and Statistics You Need To Know

50 Social Media Demographics and Statistics You Need To Know

Reading Time: 4 minutes The best and worst part of social media? It is ever-changing. Marketers must be prepared to consistently adjust their strategy in order to successfully build relationships with online consumers, increase brand awareness and generate sales. While it can be difficult to immediately get drastic results with any strategy, knowledge is power! Having the right tools and information will point your business in the right direction. Here are the top 50 social media statistics you need to know!

Don’t Buy Fake Followers! Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

Reading Time: 5 minutes Instagram is no doubt one of the most popular social platforms on the Internet. It’s not only a place for people to connect with friends and family but also to follow their favorite brands. In fact, 80% of Instagram users follow businesses on Instagram!

This makes it vital for brands to create an Instagram profile to connect with their audience. However, it can be disheartening when you put time, money and countless resources into a social channel that just won’t grow.

What is Reputation Management on Social Media?

Reading Time: 4 minutes You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.

For any business, it’s nearly impossible to avoid negative feedback. Social media has only made it easier for people to complain, leave bad reviews and share unkind comments about your company. What once was word-of-mouth is now published on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram where it lives forever and can be seen across the world. Yikes. The good news is, for every piece of negative feedback there’s most likely a positive one, too. What matters most is correctly handling the unwanted comments with grace and embracing the positive ones. This is why having an established social media reputation management plan in place is absolutely vital.

Best Times To Post On Social Media Expectations vs Reality

Reading Time: 6 minutes
It’s a simple question with a not-so-simple answer but in general, it all depends on which platform is best for your business model and how you can leverage your social activity against their algorithms, however there are some basic rules that are backed by statistical data that I will go over in depth in this post. But first understand there is no cookie cutter approach and there are many different factors to take into consideration such as…

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The Basics of Instagram Backgrounds

Reading Time: 3 minutes Instagram is a world full of discovery, learning, and experimentation. Users try and try again with different approaches to their postings to see which types of posts will receive the most likes or engagement. Did you know that something as simple as the background in your photos could be impacting how many likes that your posts are receiving?

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How to Make an Instagram Story the Right Way

Reading Time: 3 minutes Instagram has created a feature much like the stories that we view on Snapchat, Instagram stories. The “story” feature on Instagram has been around for a little over a year now, but many users have yet to try it out. Instagram stories create a new opportunity for businesses to share things about what they do and how they do it. These stories can be used in several different ways to bring new life to your Instagram account.

When is the Best Time to Post to Instagram

Reading Time: 6 minutes Want to know the secret to beating Instagram’s latest algorithm change? Would you really like to know when is the best time to post to Instagram? It’s quite simple: schedule posts for when most of your followers are online that’s how we do it at Social Motto.

The algorithm cares about how much engagement your Instagram post gets and how quickly you get that engagement.

If a post goes out when 98% of your followers are online, you increase your chance of accumulating likes very quickly.

If a post gets a lot of likes and comments shortly after being posted, Instagram recognizes the post as quality content and shows your post to even more followers.

Each account is unique and will require careful consideration to hack the algorithm change and increase your reach to get more likes and followers. So how do you find the best time to post on Instagram for your account? Unfortunately, there isn’t a single best time to post, but here are a few tips to help you reach the biggest Instagram audience possible.