Want To Be Seen As An Industry Expert? You Need To Be On Quora!
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Want To Be Seen As An Industry Expert?
You Need To Be On Quora!

Are you looking for a new way to increase brand awareness and position yourself as an industry expert? A platform that turned 10 in 2019 has been waiting to help you do that all along.

Quora is a “is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users in the form of opinions”, according to Wikipedia. Essentially, users ask questions in hopes that community members and experts answer them. With over 400,000 topics on Quora, you are almost guaranteed to find a few conversations that pertain to your business, and the more questions you answer, the more credit you receive.

Industry leaders like Sprout Social in their post how to use Quora for internet marketing highlights how you can drive more free traffic to your website, get deeper insights into your audience, increase brand awareness and increase your brand’s search visibility.

How can all of those things be achieved through one platform?

Let’s find out how industry leaders use Quora every day to position themselves as an expert and grow a devoted and trusting audience.

Use It As a Listening Tool 

Believe it or not, Quora can be used as a free brand listening tool! what is social listening? find out here. For Quora start by creating a Quora page for your company. Simply search for your business’ name in the Quora search bar and see if it is already an existing topic for discussion. If it isn’t, create a topic for it. Not only can you invite users to directly discuss your “topic” but now you can monitor conversations about your brand, brand services, previous clients and more! This can be particularly helpful when building case studies. Learn what previous clients may or may not have enjoyed, what services people are most interested in, what blog posts were more controversial or informative, etc. Additionally, search for topics dedicated to your competitor brands. What do people dislike about them? What have been their greatest successes for previous clients? What do people value that they offer, but you don’t? Use this information to your advantage to gain traction on what they lack and improve upon what they do better than you.


Get a Leg Up On Competitors 

Just because a competitor or another Quora community member has already answered a question, doesn’t mean you can’t, too! Position yourself as an industry expert by searching for topics or services you excel at. Preview the top few answers. Do you think you can answer it better? Go for it! Don’t imply that previous answers were wrong, boring or vague, show them! Include statistics, links to your blog posts or other external sources and include information the others didn’t touch on. On the other hand, if you do spot a great answer, build upon it! Send in an answer quoting a segment of another person’s response and add your additional thoughts. This also allows you to increase community relations and to increase collaboration with other industry experts. Collaboration with the competition is important, too. 


Content Marketing

Struggling to think of what topic your next blog post should be about or not generating enough traffic from your existing blog posts? Quora is an excellent tool to help with this. Head to the search bar and type in a topic that involves your industry such as “Social Media”. Then, preview popular topics. Chances are if people are asking these questions on Quora, many blog posts don’t exist on the topics yet! Utilize this knowledge to create stellar blog posts on your website with descriptive and engaging headlines that will help you move up on the Google search rankings. 


Upload Your Blogs On Quora…

We bet you didn’t know you could have a blog on Quora, did you? In fact, active writers on Quora average 30,000 monthly views and 350,000 estimated annual views. If you’re struggling to develop an audience for your blog, Quora is a great solution. It’s a chance for industry experts to share the knowledge that has long-term traffic capabilities. Thanks to the search bar (yep, the same one that searches for topics to answer) your blog will be discovered quickly. It also requires little work besides the actual writing. No need to develop SEO practices! The topics that people follow also appear in their feeds, including blog posts on those topics. This means someone that follows the topic “weight lifting” will see blog posts about the topics without searching. Essentially, a Quora blog puts the right content in front of the right people.


We recommend taking the time to head to your website and manually upload each of your existing blog posts to Quora. Sure, it may take some time and effort, but it’s a great way to increase traffic to your website, highlight your services, increase awareness of your brand and establish yourself as an industry leader. It’s important to note that you do not just have to choose one type of topic. Remember, you can create alternative profiles for various skill sets, and most people will engage with a wide variety of topics. By uploading a variety of blog topics, you will be able to learn where your strongest and most engaged audience is. This allows you to put more resources into that segment of your business. Be sure to compare traffic and clicks from your Quora blogs to your website blog! You’d be surprised at just how engaged Quora’s users are.

Create a Reputable Profile

On Quora, every time you answer a question, an excerpt from your bio is featured. This is a great opportunity for brand exposure…if you take

Want To Be Seen As An Industry Expert? You Need To Be On Quora!

Via Buffer

the time to complete your profile. The first 50 characters are featured, making them the most important. Include your name, brand and job role specifically. 

Quora also allows you to create topic-specific bios. As a business owner, this could allow you to feature your business credentials when answering entrepreneur-based or small business questions, and feature your credentials directly related to your business’ industry, such as automotive, education or tech. After filling in your brief bio, Buffer recommends completely filling in your Quora profile to include the following key points: 


  • An About Me section
  • Areas of expertise
  • Interests
  • Cities
  • Education
  • Work history
  • Links to social media accounts


Filling in all of the above details will help users find you on Quora and consider you a trusted source for their questions. 


Answer Questions Confidently


Want To Be Seen As An Industry Expert? You Need To Be On Quora!

Via Quora

Start by searching for questions that are not only directly relevant to your business but ones that you can also answer confidently. Treat the users asking questions like potential customers asking how you can help them solve a problem they are facing in your industry. With Quora, it’s quality over quantity. Do not give a brief and rushed two sentence answer. Instead, offer statistics, links to your brand’s blog and genuine advice. Taking the time to carefully answer to show off your expertise and passion for your industry.  The more high-quality answers you give, the more high-quality leads you generate. 


Don’t Over Promote! You have to Give to Get

The best way to prove to users that you are an expert in your industry is to share insightful information, not tell them you are an expert. Build your business on Quora by answering community questions and helping Quora users solve problems. Answering someone’s question by listing a link to the services section on your website won’t generate leads. What will generate leads and drive traffic to your website is offering genuine, carefully-thought out answers. Chances are, this will lead to people navigating to your website on their own to see if they can learn more. Unless it adds value to your answer to reference your company, refrain. 


Review Analytics 


Just as you would review analytics on other marketing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it’s essential to review analytics on Quora. Quora allows you to not only view overall analytics for all of the questions you have answered but for each question individually. 

This allows you to learn which types of questions generate the most views, which areas you need to improve on and which types of questions most likely are not worth your time to answer. Take a look at answers that received the most upvotes for you. Did you format them a bit differently? Did you use more statistics than others? Considering this information will help you to effectively answer the most questions possible to give you the biggest reach on Quora.

Want To Be Seen As An Industry Expert? You Need To Be On Quora!

Via Impact Brand

Turn On Notifications 


The most important step to being successful on Quora is to find the best questions for you to answer. To locate topics that people in your industry are talking about most, type a keyword into the search box and select the topics most applicable to you and your knowledge. Hit the “Follow” button to start following a topic, then navigate to your Setting and ensure you have email notifications set on (don’t worry, you can choose the frequency!). 

Enabling email notifications ensures you are one of the first experts to know about a new question and that you never miss out on teaching about a topic you are passionate about.